Sales and Distribution: At Turf & Garden Nigeria, we will evaluate your intending application, advice and provide our customers, distributors with the highest quality of artificial grasses, flowers and maintenance equipment that will fit each application. We will arrange and assist our customers in direct delivery if required across Nigeria. Installation and Maintenance: Our team of professionals will do a thorough preparation of your surroundings and install the appropriate artificial grass, flowers that will exceed your expectations. We will also provide you with one free after installation maintenance within Port Harcourt to keep your environment CLEAN and GREEN. Additionally, we can provide you with subsequent maintenance to keep your surroundings glowing. Decorations: Having a clean and well decorated environment is where your GREENER WORLD begins. Our team of experts who have passion for good looking and beautiful environment can also help you decorate both interior and exterior part of your homes, offices,schools,event centers,sport facilities and just to name a few with Turf and Garden® products to give it a world class look.