TURF AND GARDEN Nigeria is a company founded with the love of GREEN WORLD. Our interest is in the beauty of nature inspired surroundings that is made possible by our team of professionals. We have a complete line of products for golf course, lawn care, Sports turfs, Recreational parks, playground and horticulture.

Our turfs are made from exclusive and most durable materials that will last long over the years. The turfs will also help to drive the performance of athletes in all sporting activities. Your surroundings will wear a beautiful green grass look all year round regardless of weather conditions and season of the year.

Turf and Garden synthetic grasses and flowers can be used anywhere . Our products does not require MOWING, FERTILIZING and WATERING. Another added advantage is  the LOW MAINTENANCE COST.

Our highly experienced team will give you all the necessary assistance starting from the right product selection to installation and maintenance of artificial turf and garden.

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